Meita: Controller

There was a reason Renon gave us only two weeks. He wanted everyone to think we had no hope and it sure worked on Kayden.

"Are you okay?" Nero says leanin back out of the hug and looking into my eyes. I nod.

"You don't seem okay" Rephy says coming over. I smile.

"I'm fine" then I pull out what I'd nicked from Renon.

"What the flip is that?" Rephy squeels jumping back. I make it hover in the air.

"Acneock" I whisper. It transforms from its dagger shape to a phone.

"How did you do that?" Nero asks.

"Ian built them" I say pressing buttons.

Then I hear a large bang then a scream. "Woops" I say running inside.

I go into the kitchen to find Kayden on the floor staring shocked at a cannon thats come out of the fridge.

"Why did he put a cannon in the fridge?" I mutter looking back down at the phone.

"What is that thing?" Rephy says looking at the phone.

"A controler but it only works inside the dome unfortunatly" I mutter pouting angrily.

"You stole that off Renon" Kayden says.

"What's with the bowl?" I ask.

"I was coming to refill it with raspberries" she mutters. I press a button and the cannon folds back into the fridge.

"Spread the word no ones to go near the fridge" I say going over and closing the door.

"What can you do with that thing?" Nero asks.

"Well, not much really but it does control the front door" I say smiling.

They all stare at me shocked. "But.." I mutter. "I have no idea what the code is"

Then they look at me angrily while I smile nervously.

The End

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