Violet: Not her secret

I walked in after Kayden. She looked sad, upset. I felt bad for changing peoples feelings so often. But it was good for her - right?


Nothing in the atmosphere changed. Maybe I was wrong, maybe she was just concentrating on something really hard. She curled up on the sofa with a bowl of raspberries. I followed her.

"What's wrong?" I stroked her arm.

"Nothing," She sniffed.

Kayden, I know there is something up. You can tell me. You can tell me anything, you know that.

"Yes, I do, Violet. But - But what if you had a secret, and it wasn't yours to tell? Or, if the person you wanted to tell was going to find out soon anyway?" She shook her head, and ate a raspberry. I realised then.

"Do you want me to leave you alone?" I whispered. She nodded, and I skipped upstairs - for some reason I had the feeling somebody was waiting for me..

The End

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