Kayden: Two weeks?!

Meita was shoved back through the forcefield not looking too happy. Violet messed with her feelings a little, then she trudged off to see Nero. I tried, for the first time since the incident where I passed out, to enter her mind. What I saw shocked me.

Two weeks?! I mean, I for one, was not going to turn evil. But I wasn't stupid either. There was no way we could beat them, and even if there was, I couldn't be a part of that. They were too strong. I sighed, and walked towards where Meita and Nero stood. "I heard what he said," I told her. Then I repeated what I'd just thought. "So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to  go back inside and enjoy my last two weeks alive. Or atleast, try to. I'm no use to you guys anyway." There were murmurs around me, ofcourse, they hadn't heard what had been said.

I turned around and trudged back inside. I could feel someone watching me, but I wasn't too sure who.  I was just grateful to be out of the commotion. Now I could enjoy a nice calm morning curled up on the couch- with a bowl of raspberries I stole on the way through the kitchen of course.

The End

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