Meita: Captured

I walk up and reach out to touch the shield. I fall through and as I do Jade loses her grip. I roll and turn round to watch the shield go up behind me.

"Shoot" I hiss.

Then I hear laughing and I turn jumping to my feet. I glare at Renon but he just smiles happily.

"You really thought I'd let it slip that easily" Renon laughs. "Now I've got you out here Zazi's in Galaxa's forest and everyone else is trapped in the dome"

"You planned this, You knew about Jade's powers" I hiss and watch everyones eyes widen with shock.

Renon scoffs. "Of coarse we did, we know all their powers"

"Ian still trying his plan ain't he, he wants us all to work for him and he's picking us off one at a time"

"Yeah, well he tried to start with you but you seem as stupid as ever"

I run up and kick. He catches it and spins it so I hit the ground... Hard. I groan as he pulls my arms behind my back then lifts me up.

"Tell everyone this" he hisses in my ear. "You have two weeks to pick a side, you don't chose are's you die"

Then he shoves me back through the forcefield.

The End

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