Jade: I'm Too, A) Scientific. B) Self-Absorbed. C) Etcetra, Etcetra

Kayden entered my mind, sorting through my mind, seeing if there was anything she could do to help. I knew that she probably was having a hard time understanding, but she tried.

"It's not there." she said finally. "I can't find anything. Time is there, but space isn't. Litterally. It's stuffed. But..."


"Can you do anything with time to break the shield? It's not affected by physical things, but  time is your specialty."

"If I can put the shield into the future, speed time up right around it, it should burst. Nothing lasts forever."

They all murmured around me. For once, I seemed to be the center of attention. Wow, am I ever self absorbed! I tried, then, to control time, solely around the forse field.

"Is it working?" Meita asked. I looked at her, frowning.

"See for yourself. It's an open invitation." I said

The End

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