Aysh: Well, This is different...

I never sleep in late. I am always up and read for the day by 7 o'clock. After That Rephy girl, the one that likes to walk on the ceiling, came by, and asked for cherrries, I went to sleep again. A deep sleep.

I thought I heard a noise. I jump from bed, and then fall back down, Light-headed. I hope I didn't miss much.

Oh, Great. Today I am meeting everyone else. Most of them know my face by now, after the whole Meita scene.

I think about it, and sense my hospital scene has disolved. I think this is because there was no more need for them. I am not sure, though. Well, Time to get up. I glance at my Clock, and see that it is almost 8. And all spongebob does is read his jellyfishing book. UPSIDE DOWN!

I get up more slowly this time, and head for the Mahogany wardrobe. I grab a pair of bell bottom jeans, boots with the fur. I love that song....

Any way, I Brush my hair until it is gleaming. I check my eyes for bags, and take a deep breath.

Why am I getting all fancy? I already saw the boys. Besides they are taken. Not that I care. Maybe Kayden will hang with me. Oh, yeah, we have to start with the party plans. I wonder if Meita is better. What will go wrong today? Why am I always rambling in my head? Probably not a good thing to do here....

The End

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