Violet: Story time

I ran to my room, and flopped onto my bed, my head shoved into my still slightly damp pillow. I wasn't alone for even thirty seconds before there was a knock on my door.

"Go away," I groan miserably. Somebody walks in anyway. I straighten up on my bed and spot Meita. "What do you want?"

"To talk," She whispers, so quiet I had to almost strain to hear.

"Well, I don't see how you can make things better." I said this looking away at the other side of the room. A rush of sadness and despair washes over me. I immediately feel sympathetic. That was one thing I hated about myself - I could crumble in somebodies hands so easily.

"Violet, I don't want the attention. I just want to be an average weird girl..... You don't know how much I wish to be you," She mumbles. Be me? I stopped myself from telling her why she didn't want to be me. But somehow - I believed her life wasn't as great as I thought it was.

"But- I just. I just don't get it." I cross the room and shut my door. "You get a boy. So does Jade. She barely talks to anybody. She doesn't do anything. And, yet, here I am, trying to fit in. I thought I was getting a friend, then she goes and disappears. With me, I don't know why, friendship just doesn't work. I wanted a stronger relationship because of this. Because I thought if I had more faith in somebody... I'm an outsider, such - such a wierdo." I lowered my voice. "I have so many bad memories. My life, it's a wreck." I flinched at memories from six years back. "I just thought I could have been that tinier bit stronger, with somebody by my side. Obviously not.." Meita stared at me in engrossment. I suddenly hated the spotlight of attention. ""Why do you have so many secrets?" I whispered.

"Because I must," She said, taking a seat opposite me.

"Surely they can't be that bad," I whispered, putting a hand on her shoulder.

She sighed.

"When I found my powers I almost killed someone. My mother died when I was seven and my father blamed me for it. He allowed the goverment to take me. The goverment forced me to train.

Then Ian comes and Renon. They started like you lot, amateurs with their powers. Then Ian discovered he could could mess with the fabric of space. He went power crazy.

He broke my heart. He sent us on missions searching for more information. That's how I met ShadowHide. But when every search came up with nothing he got angry. This was at the time my powers were becoming stronger harder to control. He then turned so bad I would avoid him and not do what he said.

So he built the unit and throwed me inside and went off searching for everyone else. It's my fault we're here," She turned to look at everyone standing where the door should be, which somebody had nudged open.

"I was the reason the unit was built and I don't think Ian put us in here just to contain us. His last plan was to control earth, he want's to take over the human race. And the only way to do it is to make sure we're all working for him."

My mouth dropped open in horror, and I pulled her into a tight hug as tears leaked from her eyes. I didn't care about me. Who cared what I needed? Meita needed all she could get. It was a while before I realised that I was crying on her shoulder, as she was doing to me.

The End

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