Violet: What's all this commotion?!

I heard Nero burst out of his room, and run down the stairs. Let me guess. Meita was the center of attention again? Wow. That was hard to figure out. I pulled on an acceptable outfit, ran down the stairs and into the garden.

"Hey! What's all this commotion?! I was trying to sleep." I heard a few snickers, and Meita stared at me between slitted eyes.

"For your information," She had stopped crying by now, "Zazi has gone missing. And you're worrying about not being able to sleep?" That was it. Anger got the best of me this time. This was not gonna be pretty.

"No, Meita. You know what I'm worrying about? I'm worrying about Zazi - and not YOU. Oh, yeah. That makes a change, doesn't it! You just can't stand it when somebody else gets the tiniest bit of attention, can you?!" My hair blew viciously in the bitter wind. "Meita. I'm through with this. I don't care if I don't have any friends, I don't care if nobody likes me. That's it. I can't - You're so - Bye." I clenched my fists and sprinted inside. I blocked off the emotions that were now behind me, and tried my best to block out mine. But I'm just not that powerful.

The End

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