Jade: No Go

I didn't like this. I couldn't fo anything. Forcefields are protected against time. But...

"Meita!" I yelled. "I think I know how my powers work. We experience four dimensions. Three space, one time. I bend spacetime to make time shorter or longer. But if I bend spacetime the right way, I might be able to stretch his forsefield the wrong way, making it snap and you and I can get in."

"What?" she asked, still sobbing.

"It's to do with science and physics. Just trust me. I'll try now." I focused. The fabric of spacetime was hard to grab. I had to grab time, but space...

"I can't." I cried. "It's too hard. Three extra dimensions! I can't even control one measly time dimension.."

Kayden walked in. I looked at her. I knew she must be rumaging around in my head. Kayden, if you're in here, please go. I said. You can't help me find out how to grasp the space dimensions. It's hopeless. It's not how I am.

"Acctualy," Kayden said out loud. "Let me in. Maybe I can."

The End

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