Meita: Araaaa

I bang the force field angrily my hand boucing off each time.

"Meita, stop it's pointless" Rephy shouts grabbing my arm.

"Araaa!!!!" I scream turnning round and pacing angrily.

"Meita" Nero shouts running out into the garden. I hold up a hand and he stops knowing I don't want comfort.

I think. Why would Ian want Zazi? Why?

I scream and catapult air into a flower bed sending flowers flying. Then I wince and drop to my knees and when Nero tries to approach I put a hand up.

"What's happening?" Brandon shouts coming out Jade following.

I stand up and kick the force field. Then start pointlessly forcing air against it know Renon will feel every hit.

I scream and stop turning. I fling myself at Nero and begin crying.

The End

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