Brandon: troubleee!

geez that Meita dont half cause a commotion i thought as i walked upstairs with Jade crying on my shoulder. Everyones after her!

Kayden came skidding past and said something to Jade which made her shout - "yeah i do, just get out of my head Kayden!"

i looked at her as Kayden ran off laughing. "what was that about?"

she looked nervous and shook her head. i knew from past experiences not to bug people about what was wrong.

we walked into my room and i grabbed a shirt from the drawer. Jade stopped sniffing "brandon... you have something on your back"

i turned to her sharply then twisted my body round to look in the mirror. carved across my back in intricate patterns seemed to be scars. burns from earlier maybe? they didnt hurt though and they felt kind of tingly as Jade traced them with her cold fingers. they ran over my shoulder too... how had i not noticed them?

i touched my shoulder then whirled round grabbing Jades hand in the process. she looked away from me shyly. i laughed letting go then walked over to my bag getting a book out.

"if you tell anyone i read stargate and that im a nerd - i will tickle you... " i paused dramatically  lying down on the bed "... to death!"

she laughed and jumped over me to lie on my opposite side as i read my book.


we must have fallen asleep, it was dark. i heard shouts from people... and i think someone may have been looking for me. i heard Meita shout from the garden


i jumped up, a fire ball already turning in my hand, accidently waking Jade up with a fright.

"What has that bloody girl done now?" i ran out of the room.

The End

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