Zazi: Exploration

Violet asked me to share a room with her. It’s strange, I haven’t had a proper room for a while, and I was totally fine sleeping on the thick grass outside. It’s nice that someone has finally taken an interest in me, but I’m not sure whether I can accept her offer. As we walked into the room with her name on it I gaped at the interior design-half of the room was full of neat stylish furniture (Violet’s, I presume) but the other half…The other half had furniture identical to my bedroom as I left it aged 14. I feel anger spread around me, and fear too. Why is all my old stuff here? Violet?! What is this? I think, before realising I shouldn’t get mad at her. She probably had nothing to do with it.

I make some excuse about finding other people and hope she falls for it. In truth, if she really knew me, she would have known that I couldn’t ‘chat’ with other people-not without help anyway.

Violet leaves in a rush in any case, without seeing that I am still in the shadow of a corner of the room, so I cross to the window. There is nothing to see out of the glass-I guess it’s the enchantment put on the place… But suddenly I notice the wilderness; it looks more like trees now from this angle, shimmering on the horizon. I seems to have come from nowhere, but that’s impossible, right? I never realised how far away it was before.

“Violet…?” I turn, then realise she’s not in the room. Why didn’t she mention she could see my special forest from here? MY FOREST! No, wait it’s not. Why do I keep thinking everything’s mine? It’s not normally like me… Is it?

I want to go outside. I crave to see through that messy darkness. To go where the murkier trees are; it’s like something’s drawing me to them…


Minutes later I am padding through the garden, barefoot, getting bright green grass-stains on my flowing lemon yellow skirt, and making the trees start to bud when I touch them. I feel so alive, like listening to a really good song. Apart from nature, singing is my other great passion, but I’m far too shy to tell anyone. I only glance back once, and that’s when I start to enter the forest. I look back at the house, but this new ecstatic emotion is already pulling me too far into the forest.

It doesn’t last. The forest of black trees seems to go on and on forever. By the time I start to feel the cold, I cannot see the edge where I came in anymore. I suddenly have a thought that I am lost, but then I see the clearing I passed about five minutes back. Once I reach it, I soon realise that this isn’t the clearing I passed earlier: the light is different and there is a smartly-dressed man sitting on a withered tree-truck in the middle.

“Hello, dear Zaziquita,” Says the man.

I frown at him, how does he know my name? But wait, at a second glance I recognise the man from my dream.

“I know you!”  I gasp rather stupidly.

The End

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