Rephy : Morning!

I wake up under my cherry covers from home, looking at Meita, who was sleeping so happily in Nero's arms. I stretch my arms. Lucky her!  I swear there is seriously a lack of males here. I had tried a bowl of raspberries yesterday, and it just reminded me more how amazing cherries were. I tip-toe out of the room, trying to make as less noise as possible. Then I walk up the wall to look for the new girl. Aysh I think. The doors on the "floor" all had names carved into the wood. I see the name "Aysh" in fancy letters. I walk round the door so when I look down, the name is up-side down. I crouch down and knocked gently, hoping she was up so I didn't disturb her. The door opens. Aysh looks out, seeing no-one.

"Hello?" she yawns. Then she takes a step out of the door frame and looks left and right. She closes the door with confusion written all over her face. Sighing, I knocked again. She opens the door.

"Up here!" I say, Aysh looks up, gasps and stand back. I walk down the door frame and stand in front of her.

"Hi!" I greet her, "I'm Rephy, you probably haven't seen me before. I can control gravity!"

"Awesome!" she replies, "I'm Aysh and I can create anything from nothing."

"Yeah..." I mutter awkwardly, "About that.....I was wondering - if it isn't too much trouble - if you could make me a bowl of cherries for breakfast. I really like cherries. Of course, you don't have to, but..." Aysh nods, looking at the cherry pyjamas I am wearing. I grin.

"Sure!" I thank her. Suddenly, she holds a big bowl of juicy yummy red cherries in her hands.

"WOW! Lucky me! Thank you so much! See you in a bit!" I say happily. I pick out a cherry and devour it, leaving the stone in my mouth. "Yummy!" I shout, Tami looks out of her bedroom door. I hug Aysh, thanking her again.

"What's going on?" Tami asks, rubbing her eyes sleepily.

"Cherries, Tami! Cherries! That's what!" I dance over to her.

"Muffins are nicer," she argues, smirking at me.






"Ah, never mind. Good night!" She returns to her bedroom, probably back to sleep. Okay!

I remember what Aurili said yesterday so I run off to find her.

"I could have rewound the wound to before it was there..."

I knock on her door. I wait for a bit then the door opens.

"Morning!" I say brightly, I think I woke her up. Next door to her, I could hear someone groaning. Did I wake them up too? Sorry!

"Hi Rephy, what's up?" she asks, she ties her velvety brown hair back.

"You know said you could heal Meita's wound. Do you think you can do it now?" I ask, putting on an innocent face.

"Rephy, why are you flirting with me?" Aurili asks. I groan then I put my face into my hands.

"Sorry, I wasn't going to flirt, I swear." I say, embarrased.

"Just pulling your leg!" Aurili laughs, "That's for waking me up so early. Come on then, let's see how Meita's doing."

The End

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