Violet: Curious.

I wander - as per usual - in the building.

But, what if I could get outside the building?

This question makes me curious. I search everywhere for an opening. I have been looking for an hour now, and time is traveling slow! Maybe it's just because I'm so utterly bored, or maybe Jade or Aurili are messing with the damn time. As I am about to give in, and go and find Brandon (I don't know why - I just feel as if I needed to talk to him) I see a door.

"Yes!" I exclaim to myself. I burst out into the sunlight. It tickles my pale skin, bouncing off in radiant beams all over this phenomenal ... Garden? A garden, on an island. I could have sworn it was sand when I came in.

I shrug it off, and go to sit down on the bright green grass. As I am about to sit, I see a beautiful girl - she is curvy, and has a lovely shape to her. As soon as she sees me, her hand flies up to her blonde hair and she begins to twiddle it. I sense nervousness, and a bit of anger.

"What the-" I start. Suddenly, my heart starts pounding. Have I trespassed?

"What on earth..?" I mumble again, not even aware that I am speaking aloud. The girl smiles and stands up.

"Welcome to my garden!"

"Erm. Hi." I suddenly recognize this girl.

"Zazi," She says, somehow answering my unspoken question. Surely not another telepath? "I manipulate earth." By speaking them three words, she confirms me two things: One; She is from - Or, technically, had been brought to - the unit. Two; She is, in fact, not a telepath.

"Violet. I can feel and control peoples emotions." Embarrassment breezes through me as soon as I say this, obviously from Zazi - this is not the first time it's happened.

We sit on the grass, talking and chattering. Soon, I ask her to come in, and share a room with me. After all, half of my room is blank. I know as soon as she enters it, it will be filled with her own personal room. She agrees, and we walk in. She says she is going to find some other friends. I nod, and run to find Brandon.

The End

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