Aurili: Injuries

Meita's on the floor, surrounded by a pool of blood. Kayden's collapsed. Aysh - i think she's called Aysh - takes Kayden into a room and leaves her there. Then she goes to Meita and starts creating all this stuff you find in hospitals. I know I can help but I'm at the back of the crowd. Why can't I be at the front?...

"... too bad we don't have a healer" someone says. Damn. We don't need a healer, if I could just get to her... Meita's taken upstairs by Nero. I don't want to interrupt their time together so I go into the kitchen. I see Rephy. I need to tell someone that I could've helped - well that sounds big headed doesn't it? But I feel guilty.

"Rephy... I could have - I suppose 'healed' is the right word - Meita, I could have rewound the wound to before it was there..." Why do I have to sound so awkward?

"Good point! Maybe you could tell her when she comes down" Rephy suggests. I smile, Rephy's nice.

"Yeah, maybe..." I say. She smiles. I notice that there's a small fridge (aside from the one full of muffins) I go to it to find it's full of rasberries. I take a bowl happily. I haven't had rasberries in ages.

The End

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