Jade: Kayden, GET OUT!

While I was crying my heart out on Brandon's shoulder, a lot had happened. I think I accidentally sped up time for him and I. Which was totally fine, to me.

But anyway, I saw Nero carry Meita upstairs. I wondered about the guy that had come in and attacked her. Was he like me, bending spacetime, but only working on one of them? It was an interesting question, but I had more important things to think about. Brandon's fire problem. It wasn't a fun thing to think about.

Kayden breezed past me, intent on going somewhere, I think. But as she passed me, she whispered in my ear. "You. Love. Him. That's all I could get out of there." she pointed at my head. "It's hard work, pushing through all that M- theory and eleven dimentional supergravity."

I turned to her and replied scathingly, "Get out of my head. Yes, I do, just, Kayden, GET OUT!"

She went on her way, whistling happily.

The End

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