Meita: Ache

My side ached. Well, of corse it would ache. The scar maybe stiched up but it was deep and the stiches where quite tight to stop the blood flow.

Nero walked back in with the drinks and handed a can to me. I opened it and took a large gulp. He open his and settled down on the sofa next to me.

Everyone had seemed to got the fact me and Nero liked each other even though we hadn't spoken the words.

I love you. The words made me tingle with delight and I found it hard to speek them. I rest my head on Nero's shoulder and yawn.

"You tired" Nero mutters.

"Slightly" I whisper.

"You should go to bed" Rephy says sitting down next to me. I nod.

"I don't want to walk though it hurts"

I then find Nero lifting me up off the couch Rephy laughing as he does it cause of the look on my face. He carrys me tto my room and I know my face is beetroot red.

"Here we are" He says pushing the door open with his foot. He puts me down on the bed and laughs when he's see my red face.

I scramble and slide under the covers. Luckily I've stuck to wearing tracksuits and I just have to take off my jacket. I lie down and pull the cover up over my head.

I hear the door close then look up to see Nero walking back over. He lies down on the top of the covers and pull me into a hug.

I snuggle up to him, taking the oppertunities as they come. I mean in here the peace never seems to laugh.

I fall asleep like that in his arms.

The End

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