Zazi: In My Garden

I must have fallen asleep. I blink and feel a soft breeze around my cheeks, rippling the emerald grass around my thighs, and look up at the dark sky. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s night or day on this island-the sky is always so dark and hateful-looking, especially as my internal chronometer is always off by ten minutes. I’m always late and never running by schedule.

I couldn’t talk to anybody earlier as my nerves were getting the better of me, and I knew I’d just end up causing trouble. Like a ‘Bad-Luck Girl’. That’s what my dad used to teasingly call me. I never told him (or anyone, for that matter) about my ‘powers’ but they were easy to conceal. All I had to be careful of was not being too emotional and breaking things. I think back to the glass jar in the Living Area; I wonder whether anybody’s managed, or bothered, to clear up the shards that had scattered themselves in that area. As for the red Poppies, well… I took them with me as a reminder to never trust men again, and planted them here.

I’d found this garden place around the back of the huge house, and the last thing I remember before going to sleep was watching the flowers around me dance and twirl. They appeared to be bowing their heads towards me after every spin and it was very comforting. Combined with the sweet opium smell of the Poppies, that mesmerising flower dance slowly made my eyelids start to droop and my head fill with bitter, lost images. The images of betrayal, friendship, abilities and…I rub my eyes again; I can’t remember the last image-it is slipping from my head like fine gold dust. Wait! Yes! That was it: a man walking into this building and trying to protect himself from an orb of light. ‘She will always be mine’ he had said before leaving.

This was a curious image; I had never seen that man before but it felt like I had known him my whole life…

I sit up and glance at the surroundings. Just as I had left them. And exactly how they were when I had arrived. Nobody noticed me missing. If they did, nobody came to get me. There was probably an exit out the back of the garden-in fact I could see that the garden kept going on for a while, but slowly merged in with the wilderness of this bare rock the ‘Unit’ was on- but where would I go if I left? Whilst I wasn’t happy here, at least I got food (albeit muffins) and the comfort of fresh flowers to play with. Also the garden had an orchard with fruit trees; by manipulating them to believe it was time for harvest, I could have fruit here whenever I wanted. Mmm…fresh lemons!

Things had changed in the house, I could sense; there were differences of opinions everywhere I turned. I could sense a smoker and saw the smoke he blew out of his window one day. I had actually almost walked into his room to tell him to stop ruining the environment, but my nerves changed my mind and I couldn’t talk to him. Plus he was half naked.

At first I thought I was losing it, but next I could sense proper animals in the building. A cat and a big dog…maybe a wolf? A wise wolf.


“What the-?”

 I sit up with a start. Someone has just walked into my garden. MY garden! No…it wasn’t mine, so why was I getting those sorts of thoughts in my head?

“What on Earth?” She says again.

I clear my throat, stand up and extend a hand to the girl, who I’ve seen only once before. It feels weird to be talking to a person again, but the nature around me gives me support.

“Welcome to my garden!”

The End

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