Kayden: Awkwardness

I grabbed Aysh's hand and dragged her through to the kicthen, where Violet stood eating some sort of berries. "Violet, Aysh. Aysh, Violet" I made quick introductions before realising I was still holding on to Aysh's hand. I dropped it awkwardly and mumbled an apology. Awkward much. I saw Violet cringe. Oops, I'd almost forgot that she could sense emotions. I smiled at her apologetically. 

Violet and Aysh started to make small talk about their powers, which was quite a relief really, because I was still feeling rather embarrassed.  I started to walk around the room nervously. "Calm" I heard Violet mutter. I suddenly felt a lot calmer. Thank god for Violet. I sat on the breakfast bar and listened in to their conversation. "So," Aysh asked  "You can control people's feelings?" She glanced at me when she said that. Oh sugar! Did she hear her mutter 'calm' before? I looked away embarassed.

"Yeah!" Violet replied enthusiastically. She really liked making friends. "I made Kayden feel all better today. I felt kind of useful for a change." She smiled. I laughed, about to tell her what I did earlier- she was no less useful than the rest of us- but Aysh interupted. "Thanks," she said, looking at Violet. "For making her feel better. She really worried me when she dropped down like that." She looked at me again. I smiled shyly. Dammit. Why did that girl make me so nervous?

Again, Violet sensed my emotions. Though, rather than helping out, she decided to leave me. "Hey," she said " I hate to be rude, but I was planning on exploring the back of the house... there's a little courtyard that I can see from my window, and I, uh, wanted to see if I could get in to it."

I think maybe I should leave them alone

I heard her think. "I heard that." I told her, giving her an evil look. She laughed, and headed towards the door. "Bye Kayden, Nice to meet you Aysh." We both muttered our goodbyes as she left, leaving us alone in the kitchen. "So..." I said.


At that point, Rephy walked in to the kitchen. She smiled at me, then looked from me, to Aysh, then back again. "Ooh, am I interrupting something?: She asked. I shook my head. "We were just leaving" Aysh said, beckoning for me to follow her. We walked out of the kitchen and she looked at me. "I need someone to talk to, meet me upstairs?" I nodded and watched her walk off in the other direction. I wondered where she was going first, but shrugged it off and headed upstairs. 

On the way, I bumped in to Jade. As usual, she was thinking about Brandon. Brandon, and a lot of snazzy time stuff that I didn't understand. "You looove him" I teased her. She admitted it, snapping at me in the process.  I laughed and carried on up to the place that I now called my room.

The End

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