Violet: Mental sneering

"You're just as useful as the rest of us," Kayden had reassured me. Yeah, right. Oops. Keep your thoughts quiet, goddammit!  I moaned at myself internally. We had skipped downstairs. I am just getting used to the constant diet of muffins, and to be very honest, I am not looking forward to eating another one. I need something healthy, I told myself. Kayden looks at me and grins.

"What?" I can't help but smile back. She runs towards a mini fridge in the corner of the kitchen. She pulls it open, and there are bowls of berries stacked up against and next to eachother, any free, open space was being suffocated.

"I'm sure Aysh won't mind." She snickers quietly and grabs two bowls. Confusement sweeps through me.

"Who the hell is Aysh?" I blurt out needlessly, Kayden obviously already heard my thoughts.

"Oh - She's a new girl. I'll go get her if you like.." Yay! More friends. Maybe this won't be so bad after all..

"Sure!" I bubble, maybe a bit too enthusiastically. We both fall into hysterics of laughter. I sure do miss being able to do this..

With the blink of an eye, Kayden is out of her seat and racing through 'The unit' - I mentally sneer the name - as I sit in the kitchen on my own, oblivious to my surroundings, popping berries into my mouth one after one.

The End

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