Kayden: Strong

Tami left after giving me the muffin, to let me rest. But let me tell you, rest was not helpful. I was in pain. A lot of it. My head hurt worse than it ever had before, and it wasn't getting better- in fact, it was getting worse. I pressed my eyes shut in pain.  Violet came running in to my room and found me laying on my hospital bed, gasping for breath.

"Numb" I heard her say. She shouted it again, louder this time, and suddenly I wasn't in pain any more. I didn't feel anything. "Violet?" I ask, slowly opening my eyes. She shushed me quiet, and told me that she was there. "But I feel so weak" I told her. I heard her sigh. "Strong" she said. This time, I was suddenly felt full of life. I no longer felt weak, or exhausted, and I felt the colour flooding back to my face. I jumped out of bed and hugged her. I thanked her. I felt so much better than I had before. 

Finally; I have done something useful.

I smiled at her. "Violet, you're just as useful as the rest of us. " I assured her. Then I told her that I was headed downstairs. Minus the muffin that Tami had practically force fed me, I felt as though I hadn't eaten in days. In reality, I don't even think I was sleeping for an hour. I was curious to see how Meita was too.  I opened my bedroom door, Violet following me, and skipped down the stairs.

If only I had this much energy all of the time.

I thought to myself.

The End

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