Meita: Out of body

All I felt was pain and then suddenly I was looking down at my own body everyone around it.

Oh, god. I'd done this before. My spirit jumps out my body and becomes part of the air. I see Nero worry and fear in his eyes before looking at my body blood pouring from the wound.

I wanted to reach out and hold Nero but I knew I didn't have a body. I don't even know how this works except it happens when I'm on the edge of death but won't die. I sigh.

I watch Aysh start patching up my body. It'll be healed then I'll go back to it.

I sigh and then I suddenly find myself in Kayden's room. Oh how I hate this.

It's like seeing vision but it's whats happening while your unconcious. She asleep then Tami skips in and wake her up and offers her a muffin.

the edges of my vision blacken and I know I'll be returning to my body round about.... NOW!!!!


The End

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