Kayden: In my head

The strangest thing happened whilst I was passed out in that hospital bed that Aysh had put me in. Usually, when I sleep, I dream... like normal people. Or I wake up, not remembering anything. This time, however, I remembered a lot.

I opened my eyes to find myself inside somebodies mind. All around me were doors, the same as usual, and the walls were decorated in cute polka dot wallpaper. I decided that I liked this person, whoever it was. I looked around for clues as to whose mind I might be in, but saw only doors, all of different shapes and sizes. I headed towards a big iron one with a plaque reading MEMORIES above it. I reached forward, opening it cautiously, and then stepped inside. In front of me shimmered a small selection of memories. I reached out to touch one.

She will always be mine

I heard Ian think. I smiled, I was getting somewhere. But gee, what a psycho. I tried to hear more. But the resistance seemed to be getting stronger. I felt myself being pulled back. I gave up and returned to my body, tired and out of breath. Everybody nearby was preoccupied with the fight going on downstairs. Meita and Ian were screaming at each other. "He says," I said, heavily out of breath. "That she  will always be his." I looked at Aysh. I couldn't read the expression on her face.  I sat down on the floor, trying to catch my breath.I felt as though I was slowly getting weaker. The last thing I remember was knowing that Ian had left, and that Meita was badly injured. Then, everything went black.

I realised with shock that I was inside my own mind. These were my recent memories, everything important that had happened in the last few days. I looked around at the frozen images shimmering in mid-air, just ready to be remembered. I saw the guards who brought me here, I saw Fifi purring, I saw Meita's face when she caught us spying and I saw Aysh, looking at me worried. All amongst other things of course. On the far side of the room was a series of doors. Above them, they all had plaques similar to the one I'd just seen. They read: Younger Years, First School, Middle School, and High School. There was also another, but that door had no plaque. I walked over to it, curious.

I found that the door had several padlocks, and some sort of finger print recognition plate. I sighed, resigned to the fact that I would not be able to find out what was inside after all. The irony of not being able to see my own memories was immense. Then, I noticed what hung around my neck; a bunch of keys. I had no idea how they had got there, but I was relatively sure that they must unlock this door.  I slowly turned one of the keys in the first lock. It came undone easily. The second took a few attempts, and the third (and last) one took quite a while to undo. I realised that I had a lot more keys that there was padlocks. I didn't take the time to ponder why that might be. I reached forward and put my hand on the finger print plate. There was a loud beep and the iron door slowly swung inwards. 

Suddenly, I was aware of a voice. I felt myself begin to come back to reality. The door slowly got further and further away, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get back to it. I felt myself return to my body and I sighed. I was waking up. My eyes flickered open and I looked up to see Tami staring at me. "You were making funny noises." She said. I smiled grimly. 

Possibly because I was just about to uncover something really important 

I thought to myself. "I thought you might like a muffin" she said, passing me a blueberry muffin. I sighed again, and pulled myself up in to a sitting position, trying to ignore the dizziness that over came me. I took a bite out of the muffin and wondered to myself:

How is Meita? And how long have we had blueberry muffins for?


The End

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