Aysh: What just happened?

I had no idea I could make a shield that big. I must admit, it took a lot out of me. Kayden was scared. She has a really exprssive face. Then she yelled at me to watch her body. What am I supposed to say to that? I've been watching it since we met? I am not like that? Nothing that would be truthful and not stalkerish.

Anyway, she went, like, stalk still, straight up. Then this look crosses Ian/Galaxa's face. In the next two minutes, a lot happens. Mieta gets hurt. Kaydens body falls to the ground. she shudders, and whispers that she will always be his. then she passes out. I can't do anything, cause I have to protact everyone, as much as possible. As soon as the attack is over and evil dude leaves, I drop the shield. It looses form, making the air shimmer and shine.

I fall to my knees beside Kayden. She I s Breathing. I pick her up, and put her on one of those hospital bed, you know, with wheels on the bottom. then I wheel her to her room. As soon as she is safe, I run down stairs to Meita.

It doesn't look good. She appears to be lying in a puddle of her own blood. I yell at every one to get away. They back away, a lot of them I haven't met yet. I close my eyes, senseing them. I manifest Typical Hospital items. Moniters, IVs, even an X-ray machiene. And a couple bags of blood to replace the amounts she was looseing.

I hope it will be enough....

The End

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