Meita: Peace Shattered

A shield forms in front of everyone just as Galaxa fires the space orb.

I stand back up and vault the banister. Landing and then leaving no time kicking him in the head.

He stumbles back but just smiles. He fires a space orb and it hits me straight in the stomach sending me flying back, then hitting a wall.... Hard.

I groan as I get to my feet. He's right in front of me and I doge a punch grabbing his arm pulling him down then kneeing him in the stomach and forcing him away.

I gasp for breath and see he's finding it as hard as me.

"She's hurt" Rephy shouts. It's then I wince feeling a pain in my side. There's a large deep gash in my side and it bleeds heavily.

I watch Galaxa smile and I curse. I use the air to hold the blood in as best as I can but only succeed a little.

"We could fight till one of us is dead Meita" Galaxa says his smile growing as he stands straight.

"Well, I'm not going anywhere with you" I shout.

"Well, it's different for me you still mean a lot to me Meita" he says shrugging.

"You lost your right to say that when you killed that girl" I hiss.

"Hm, really well I am at the moment in charge" he says shrugging.

"Cause I was the only one who could ever defeat you and they dare not challange you now you have me locked in here" I hiss.

"Anyway, I think I should go you obviously won't give in and no point in fighting longer" then he's gone.

I wince and drop to the floor hearing the rush of feet. "Meita" Nero shouts.

Then everyone starts to talk.

"Will she be okay?"

"Look at that blood"

"You need to stop the flow" I wince as I feel something being pressed to my cut.

Peace has been Shattered I think.

The End

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