Aysh: Akward...

After that mind reader, Kayden, We got talking. She said she wouldn't tell, I hope I can trust her. She says there is some one else like me, I wonder who?

I didn't have time to ask her, cause she jumped up, screaming "PARTY!!!"

Then, she stopped. There was some dude walking in the door. Judging everyone's actions, They didn't know him. Then, he yelled,"Meita", what ever that is. this girl runs from a room a few doors down, and gasps. A dude walks out behind her. I can imagine that this is one of the couples. The new guy and Meita, I am guessing it was her name, get into this arguement over his name.

I am just about to luagh at the absurdity of it, when this globe forms over his hand. It doesn't look good. I try to think of something I can do to stop him from throwing it at someone. I decide to try a shield. I imagine a veil of energy. I have done it before I was abbducted, but now I must make it bigger. I force the glowing, vibrating energy out, covering everyone. Except Ian/Galaxa. Well, we will see if this will work....

The End

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