Kayden: Party!

Well, I didn't expect that. I'd been sitting on my bed reading a book, in my own little world as usual, when my door had knocked. "Who is it?" I called. To be honest, I was kind of hoping it wouldn't be the new girl, Aysh, I think I'd made a bit of a fool of myself downstairs. " It's Aysh. Can I come in?" Dammit. Nevermind. I opened the door nervously. She smiled at me and I welcomed her in.

She walked over to my bed and began examining the book I'd been reading.  "I just wanted to say sorry. I am guessing you already know that was an act, but I just wanted to be sure. As soon as you left, I got kinda busy. There is know a mountain of crap in the kitchen." I started to laugh. Seriously, of all the things people could use their powers for... I listen to my cats thoughts, Meita juggles potatoes, and Aysh makes party food. The irony of the situation hit me. The government had put us in here because we were DANGEROUS, and yet... well, make your own presumptions. Do we sound that dangerous? I eventually calm down, realising I must look like a freak.

She smiles and asks : "Are there ever any parties here then?"  I chuckle. Like we could ever party... all we had to eat was muffins. I mean, we could have a muffin party I suppose. Actually, I take that back. The thought of Tami catching on the the idea was not a good one. We'd end up with 'who can eat the most muffins' competitions. "We have nothing to party with, no food, just muffins. Well, we didn't before you got here. With your powers, we could have a party everyday." I told her, smiling at that idea. I liked parties. "The boy count is really low here" I explained. "I'm not sure how well a typical teenage party will go, seeing as the two boys are taken. I think there might be some jelousy or something." I shrugged. I didn't care. I wasn't interested in either of them.

"Thats fine with me. Males are annoying. More so then they are worth." Aysh said. I smiled. That was so true. Guys were fine as friends, but anything more, and it just didn't work. There was only ever one guy I was really close to: Jack. He'd been my best friend but then... I felt my eyes threatening to well up and I decided to stop thinking about it.

I just hope she won't tell. The last thing I need is for every one to think I am some sort of creep....

I reassured her that I wouldn't tell. "You're not the only one not interested in guys Aysh." I told her. She looked kind of surprised. "Anyways, about this party." I stood up and beckoned for her to follow. I left my room and stood looking over the balcony. I whistled. Loud. "Everybody... we're having a PARTY!" I shouted. There was cheering. The celebrations were cut short. "Meita!" A new guy shouted. Who the hell was he?! Why didn't I know he was here? And HOW did he know Meita?

The End

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