Meita: Practice

Me and Brandon sat opposite each other. We were bored so we decided to mess around he lite up his hand I put it out.

"Are you sure you should be doing that?" Nero asks. Sitting down next to me.

"Yep positive" I say turning to smile at him. Then Jade came crying out of the kitchen. Brandon stood up.

"Jade?" he called. She turned round and cegan crying again Brandon went over and wrapped an arm round her. "I think practice is put on hold for now" he says before going off upstairs with Jade.

I flopped back against the couch and rubbed my hands against my face.

"Your tired aren't you?" Nero whispers.

"I'm starting to lose my touch" I say smiling at him and sitting straight. "The more stronger I get the more harder it's becoming"

"Isn't that how is always works?" Nero asks smiling. I look at him then lean against his shoulder.

"When did you meet ShadowHide?" Nero asks and I feel him touch the tips off my hair.

"Months ago, I was lost in the forest and well we sort of had an adventure I saved his life they made me an Honory member of the Lunar Wolves and return me back to the world of humans.Well really just out of the forest but that was how they put it" I mutter.

"You seem to have a lot of secret's? Why don't you trust us with them?" Nero mutters. "Why don't you trust me?"

"Nero.... Come on" I jump up pulling him with me and take him into my room. I close the door and gesture to sit down.

I sit opposite him and cross my legs.

"I do trust you Nero but I done things in my past I ain't proud of" I say. He moves closer.

"So you just keep them secret?" he whispers.

"I don't want to be judge for who I was" I say looking down. I feel Nero lift up my chin.

"You won't" he mutters then presses his lips softly on mine.

The End

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