Jade: He's Special

I like how Brandon pulled me behind him when the wolf came in. But seriously, I saw more than a few of the others look at me, and I felt again, my entire face go red. After the incident with the fire, I stayed close to Brandon. I could tell the Lunar Wolf disapproved of him.

"He's special." I muttered to myself. I felt my blood boil, protectively. ShadowHide would have to watch out. I can be dangerous.

I liked Aysh. She seemed nice, so I walked over, keeping time steady so she wouldn't freak. But ShadowHide was there, sitting near the window. "Watch out," I growled at him. "Don't you ever dare to touch him. I'll stop time so you don't even feel when I slice your throat."

He turned his back. I smiled at the new girl. "Sorry," I said cheerily. "What's your gift? Oh right, I know. You can make things. Do you do it from thin air? Or does it come from somewhere? According to the laws of physics, it shouldn't come from nowhere, but then, how can I slow and speed up time? It's really all interesting questions. I think that I somehow bend spacetime, but I can only do things to time." I stopped, suddenly.

"Oh, sorry, I'm boring you, aren't I? Sorry, but if you ever want to talk to me about general relativity or quantum mechanics, I'm the one!"

"No, it's okay," she said. "I think I've been told that you can affect time. That's pretty neat."

"Not as neat as what you do!" I answered. She smiled.

"Well, maybe one day I'll want to talk about general relativity and quantum mechanics. I'll come and see you, then. Want some raspberries?"

"Sure! I love them! I had some bushes at home..." I started crying, again, so I stopped time for the girls in the living room. I went to find Brandon. I could talk to him. I needed someone to talk to.

"Jade?" I whirled around. Brandon stood there, looking at me.

The End

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