Aysh: Thanks

The Lunar Wolf, I am guessing, decided to welcome me. He came right in and dropped a dead deer on my lap. I think he wanted me to freak out, but I don't "freak out". I simply manifested a fire in the hearth and put the deer on a turner. The girls were looking at me like I was a freak. I am used to it by now, though.

I don't know how things pop into space where I want it. I could tell that chick was curious. She had this wierd look on her face. When she told me She could read minds, I made a mental note to watch out for her. She would be the only one that could expose me. Well, that I know of yet.

"Hey, how many people are here?" I ask one of the remaining girls. That Kayden chick made some lame excuse and ran.

One of the girls tells me that there are nine, well, now there are ten, girls. Two boys, and one Lunar Wolf. I decide I don't really want to ask what a Lunar Wolf is. I have a feeling it is the same wolf that told me to come in here. Well, I want to see what Kayden ment about a fridge full of chocolate muffins. I glance around, and aproach the looming refridgerator.

She wasn't exagerating. It is jam-packed with coco-muffins. I close the door and turn around. There is an open space just big enough for a mini fridge. I close my eyes and imagine a blue fridge filled with red berries.

I hear a gasp and know it must have popped into existance. I calmly open my eyes and step over to refill my berry bowl. I love me some sweet fruits.

I am really going to like it here.

The End

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