Kayden: Et voila!

Wow. With a flick of her hand, in front of her sat a bowl of raspberries. That new girl, she was something. I didn't like to think what else she could manifest if she tried. I reached across to steal some fruit, then suddenly common courtesy occurred to me, so I looked at her and I asked: "May I? I swear, if I eat any more muffins, I'm going to go crazy."  She raised an eyebrow and pulled a face. Of course... she didn't know that the only thing in the fridge was muffins. I briefly explained. "Sure," she said. "Here." Et voila! My own bowl of raspberries appeared on the table. I grinned at her, that's so cool.

Seriously, did I mention that my power sucked? I want to be able to make things randomly appear. The question is, do they manifest from mid- air, or do they come from somewhere else? Then again, who cares?

This chick pulls funny faces

I gasped. I do? I apologised. "I pull funny faces?" I asked her. Not exactly the impression I was hoping to give, I must say. She just looked at me. "Telepath." I said it as though that explained it all. And to be honest, it kind of did. She nodded. Damnit! I felt myself blush slightly. There was this awesomme chick with this amazing power... and there was me waffling about muffins and pulling funny faces. I sighed. Then I made an excuse and headed upstairs; before I could make an even bigger fool of myself. 

The End

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