Aysh: I am me!

I start walking in the direction the wolf told me to go. I hear the sounds of teenage girl chattering among themselves. I decide to practice my acting. I brush my knee-length, golden locks over myshoulder, and take a deep breath. I step into a room, that appears to be a Kitchen. There are a few girls talking to each other. One of them stops midsentance and smiles at me.

"Hi, What's your name?" Says one.

"I am Aysh." I replie with a sneer.

I can see their glances at each other. I ask the one that talked first, if she happened to know why I was here. She just asked what my "gift" was.

"Well, I have no idea what you mean."

I look at them, and smile.

One of them Starts whispering. All I can hear is, " .... Not what she seems.... not a big....and she can hear what i am saying."

I really grin now, and manifest a bowl of rasberries. They all gape at me as I flick one into my mouth. At that second, I have feeling I am going to like it here.

The End

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