ShadowHide: new girl

 ShadowHide had come across her first. He had decided to take a walk outside when found he the new girl. She was looking around like she didn't know where to go. ShadowHide turned on his heel heading back toward the unit he wasn't in the mood to talk to humans right now.

 " Excuse me!"

 ShadowHide stoped and turned to meet the new girl running to him.

 "Hey umm..can you help me?" she asked flipping her dirty blond hair out of her face.

 ShadowHide nodded to the open door of the unit. "Just go into that door and you'll find the others."

 "Thanks." The new girl started walking to the door but stopped looking back at ShadowHide. "Aren't you coming?"

 ShadowHide snorted. "No."

  "Oh.." With a shurg the new girl walked into the unit.

The End

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