Meita: Everyone her is nice

"ShadowHide" I moan following him back to the room he was sleeping in grabbing a coat from a chair. I offer it him and he takes it wrapping it round himself.

Even though he has fur human desency must be respected.

"Don't be mean to them ShadowHide" I say as he sit's down and lounges back.

"What do you expect Meita? Even you have no control over your powers" he says. I flinch slightly.

"Well, they are nice people" I mutter.

"You only say that cause you love one" he says waving a hand.

I feel blood rise to my face.

"Out of line ShadowHide" I shout.

"I'm here to watch you not argue" he says looking at me. I sigh and sit down on the floor.

"We always argue" I mutter.

"Yes, we do. But remember where it got us last time?"

"Yeah, honor human of the pack" I say laughing and he smiles back at me.

"You have grown a lot Meita in a few months, you seem less troubled" he says.

"I feel more troubled" I laugh.

"Yes, maybe. But being with these other Children of the meteor seems to calm you slightly" he says.

"Yeah" I mutter.

"You haven't told them have you? About your past" ShadowHide says sitting down on the floor in front of me.

"What would I say? Oh, I worked for the goverment and my practice got you in here" I whisper quietly keeping my thoughts away from what I'm saying.

"That telepath is annoying she doesn't seem to be gettig anything from you so she's trying to get in mine which is impossible" ShadowHide says waving a hand.

"Well, I should get back to the others. It's great to see you again ShadowHide" I say getting up and smiling.

"You to Honored Human of the Lunar Wolf" he says we both laugh and I walk off closing the door behind me.

It really is great to see him again.

The End

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