ShadowHide: Human!

 ShadowHide gives a human snort.

  "You Humans just don't know how to control your powers can you?"  ShadowHide yellow eyes fall on Brandon who a mommet ago had lost control of his powers. "No wonder the mother has sent me here to protect you. You all are just children!!!" ShadowHide raises to his hindlegs turning into a human, with dark brown skin, very long blue-black hair and yellow eyes, but he still has his wolf ears and tail.

    Everyone gasps as ShadowHide turns human.  What? They haven't seen a lunar wolf transform before?

 "You." ShadowHide points to brandon who is leaning against Nero for support. "Are the most worst human i have every meet! You don't even think. You see Lunar wolf and you just attack. I feel sorry for your brother but killing me won't change anything. For i was not there when your so called 'brother' was taking, i was a tiny pup barely out of the nursey. You attacked me for no good reason. " With one last angry look at Brandon, he turns walking out the room.


The End

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