Meita: Cool down.

I smell burning and run out the room.

Of all the blazes. "Oh my Gosh he's on fire" I shout. Everyone runs up behind me and gasps.

Brandon turns.

"Can you fix this?" he shouts.

"It's will suffocate you" I shout. Kayden takes the chance to run over to stand with the crowd.

"Do it please, I know you can" he shouts.

I shake my head and feel someone take my hand. I look dowwn then up at Nero. "You can do it" he whispers.

I turn and look at Brandon scorching the carpet.

"Well, he is scorching the carpet" I say pointing my hand at him. The flames diwndle a few seconds minutes and I see Brandon gasping fo breath.

The flames go out and I release the grip I have on the air. Brandon collapses to the floor.

I watch as Jade runs over to him and smiles when she turns to me smiling. He's alive, I sigh and Nero pulls me into a hug.

Which is slightly embarassing. "Knew you could do it?" he whispers in my ear.

"My head hurts and I don't think I can walk" I mutter back and I watch him smile slightly.

The End

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