Brandon: this hasnt happened before....

She's hugging that thing i thought.

i stood up and was going to launch myself at Meita when violet came and stood between us saying id be unconcious and stuff... yeahh whatever.

i looked over and Kayden was shaking her head .

Those guys took Drake, my brother Drake and it could have stopped them! how can i not? i pleaded in my head. she shook her head then gestured for me to follow her.

i shoved my way through everyone at the door and sat down beside her on the staircase, my eyes itching.

"ARGHH!!" i screamed hitting my head on the step deliberatly.

She took my head in her hands to stop me from doing it again and looked me in my burning eyes. "You-" she began "are being an idiot"

i looked up at her then pulled myself away, standing up.

i began pacing, the heat traveling its way up my body. "its his fault!" i mumbled repeatedly to myself. fire burned in my hand and Kayden looked slightly scared. i kept chanting to myself even though something was wrong. my body...  it felt... well, different. it started with a warm feeling which slowly started to prickle hotly on my skin. creeping its way up my legs, the fire grew, unbelievably not burning my jeans, it slithered across my bare chest and over my face. my eyes now itching like mad!

i hadnt noticed and just generally tried to calm myself down. pinching the bridge of my nose, i lent forward and put my hand out to hold onto the bannister but i stumbled. the bannister had melted away at the touch of my hand! i looked over at Kayden who had shoved herself up against the wall scared.

i looked over my hands and arms, burning, the rest of my body... i was like a human fire ball.

"Kayden?" i asked shakily "kayden? pleasee? help me?... it hasnt dont this before!" i was scared. she didnt have to read my mind to know that i was.

The End

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