Rephy : Air VS Fire

Can you believe it? A wolf! In our prison/living area/house/apartment! This is crazy. Most of us stand outside the door, waiting impatiently, unsure what to do. Go inside? Wait outside? Meita kicks the door open. I see the wolf, I had heard the others say something about it but I have never seen a wolf before.

"Lunar wolf!" Meita gasps. What's a Lunar wolf? Isn't what is in that room right now just, a wolf?

Brandon steps in the room and pick the wolf up by its neck. Wow! Talk about strength! On his free hand a fire was burning. His face was red and his eyes had a firey glow to it. Cool! Contacts?

"They're not contacts Rephy!" Kayden suddenly says to me, "It's what happens when Brandon gets to emotional."

Meita puts out the fire on Brandon's hand.

Air VS Fire.

"He's the reason I don't know where my brother is!" Brandon shouts. 50 points to fire.

"Try pick him up again and you'll be getting a kick where the sun don't shine, Got it?" Meita replies furiously. Blocking the space between Brandon and the lunar wolf. Oooh, nice one. Extra points. 100-50. Air in the lead.

"But my brother-" Brandon begins.

"-And the reason why I am alive today. Now BACK OFF!" Meita roars. Good work, yell at your opponent. 150-50. Fire isn't looking to good.

"Wait, calm down" Violet says, stepping between Brandon and Meita. "Time out both of you, and Brandon please don't fight her, you'll be unconcious in ten secounds."

Awwww.....Time out then everyone. We may be back shortly, perhaps after the adverts.

Meita gives the wolf a big hug. What's happened between them?

The End

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