Meita: He's a protector of the moon

"Will you put that out" I scream removing the oxygen around his hand. "Put him down" I hiss.

"He's the reason I don't know where my brother is" he shouts. I force him away from ShadowHide and he hits the wall slightly hard.

"Try pick him up again and you'll be getting a kick where the sun don't shine, Got it?" I say angrily stepping in front of ShadowHide.

"But my brother" Brandon shouts.

"And the reason, I'm alive today. Now back off" I shout.

"Wait, calm down" Violet says stepping between us. "Time out both of you and Brandon please don't fight her you'll be unconcious in ten secounds"

I smile and turn to face ShadowHide. I smil and see him nod his wolf head. I hug him round the neck.

The End

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