Brandon: YOU?!

They must have walked out again because when i turned no one was there. maybe it was jade i thought to myself...seeing my muscles i winked in the mirror.

there were footsteps outside my room so i followed them, everyone was stood outside a door shouting.

"Whats going on?" i asked Kayden. she looked at me.

"it's violet" she looked scared.

suddenly my emotions overcame me and i felt anger burning inside my eyes itching. then as sudden as it came on it was replaced with love. it felt like i wasnt in control of my body as we all hugged each other.

Meita ran and kicked the door open.

"lunar wolf" i heard her gasp. i gasped aswell lunar wolf? it cant be...

"Shadowhide" she shouted.

i stormed in behind her picking the wolf up by the scruff of its neck, my other hand covered in fire and my eyes ahh my eyes burned .

"YOU?! you were there when they took my brother!"

The End

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