Violet: Just Go.

I wander down the coridoor, feeling more left out than ever. I hear loud thumps from upstairs, but there is no point. I'll run up there, Meita'll be having an attention fit again, and I'll be left to do nothing. Well, that is my life, I guess. Left for nothing. Just an empty bowl. An empty soul, I mentally correct myself. As I walk deeper into the ground - wow this place is huge - it starts to get much colder, and darker. I pull out my phone, and use it as a light. I finally see a turning into a room, which looks like it has it's light on. I hurry into it, seeing a sofa. Oblivous to most of my surroundings, I sit. I stare around me, nothing to see apart from.. from..

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream. There, before my eyes, is a giant wolf. He sits, staring at me, with deep, dark, brown eyes. They melt into mine, somehow staying hard and unmoving at the same time. I gulp. I'd never tried before to control emotions on animals before, and I guess this is the best time to try it. Instead of just thinking it, I need it as strong as it will get.

"Calm." I managed to rasp. Although I hadn't sensed any anger before, the rooms tension suddenly eases. I hear footsteps trampling down the stairs and slopes. I run and shut the door. This world doesn't need a me. But I am not risking their - Nero and Brandon flashed to my head, rather annoyingly - lives. Their fists hammer on the door.

"No." I shout. "Go back. You can't-" I hesitated. "Just go." I heard several 'No's' and 'But we can't' and I just sighed.This is the only choice I had. A tear rolls down my cheek.


I heard sighs as the girls fall over Brandon and Nero, and how they sigh back. I imagine them all cuddling up together.

Just get this damn thing over with, I think partly to myself, and partly to the wolf, knowing he can't hear me anyway.

"Anger. Bye, world." I shut my eyes and wait for the end.

The End

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