Brandon: awkwardness averted!

Kayden had stormed over to me and questioned me about the eyes.. ahh crudd other people had to see them! i pinched the bridge of my nose and counted to 10 and when i opened them the itching had gone, which meant that they were back to their original colour now.

i heard jade giggling behind me and kayden looked at us both.

"Sorry i think i made things awkward" she said.

Yeah just a leeetle bit kayden i thought, aware full well that she could hear me.

she shrugged her shoulders "sorry dude". i nodded at her.

now leave us alone?

she nodded and strolled off towards the kitchen. i looked back at Jade she had her head hung low as if she was avoiding my eyes.

"urmm well yeah, im going to find a room and sling my stuff in there" i looked at her as she peeked through her hair. "you can come... like if you want?" i ruffled my blonde hair again.

she looked at me as though she was torn between 2 decisions.

"well like you dont have to if you dont want... how about you come find me later?" i asked her politely "i need a cigarette anyway" i put a finger to my lips as though shushing her. i winked and walked off towards the hall way. i picked a random room and began taking stuff out of my bag to make it more homely. there was a small window, just big enough for me to put my hand through. it was locked but i managed to melt the lock and was able to spring it open. i lifted my tank top off and lit a cigarette, admiring my muscles in the mirror. i was always vain when it came to my muscles. i laughed when i thought this and took a long drag on my cigarette. i blew the smoke out the window when someone walked in my room.

"Dude! knock first!"

The End

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