Kayden: Why don't MY eyes do that?!

All the commotion died down shortly after Meita kicked some government ass. I was, however, watching watching Brandon with Jade. He'd pushed her behind him when the fight was happening. Awweh, another relationship, how sweet. Well... that was both of the guys taken eh? Not that I was too fussed, because to be honest, I don't go for guys anyway... but I bet it was a bummer for some of the girls. 

Oh sugar, my eyes

I heard him think.

What was so special about his... 

HOLY MOTHER OF FLYING BAGELS! I stormed over to them. "Hate to interrupt your little moment" I said bluntly. "But WOW. Why the hell don't MY eyes do that?! That's so effing cool!"  
"They do that when I'm emotional. " He laughed, then looked a little embarassed. Jade, who was looking at the floor let off a nervous giggle. Oh wow, I'd made things awkward hadn't I? "Sorry, I think I made things awkward." I voiced my concern aloud.

Just a little Kayden. -laughter-


Oopsie. I shrugged my shoulders in apology. "Sorry dude."  I looked at Brandon who gave me a slight nod.

 Now leave us alone?

I laughed. I said my goodbyes and walked away, headed to the kitchen as usual. Why didn't my power come with quirky colour changing eyes? I walked in to the kitchen and realised that somebody was already there- Nero. He looked at me and smiled. This might be a perfect opportunity to find out some clues.

The End

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