Brandon: i get a bit over protective at times...

Jade gave me back my cigarettes from the couch

" thanks" i told her and walked out towards the kitchen... she followed me. "What are you doing here?" i asked her - i didnt mean it to sound rude it just sorta came out that way.

"grabbing a muffin" she mumbled sticking her head in the fridge, i didnt know what i saw but i thought she was blushing a bit. i laughed and was a bout to say something when all of a sudden we heard a comotion by the door we came in.

Jade and i ran to the door, jade seemingly faster than me, and arrived just in time to see Meita knock some dudes out. Fire burned in my hand ready to protect anyone else but i could see she had it under control. i pushed jade behind me nether the less.

Me and the Nero kid had to protect the girls... even if some of them could fight for themselves. i saw Him behind Meita looking a bit unhappy. i looked towards the door as the now concious dudes walked out and looked behind me at jade. she looked into my eyes and gasped. ahhh sugar... my eyes, when i feel a strong emotion for instance - anger, hatred, over protective, my eyes start to itch and all you can sort of see, if your looking in them, is fire. i see fine with my eyes like that - if not better. but i know it scares some people ...

The End

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