Meita: Shocking Fighter

I kick the throw the last bodyguard into a wall and hear Renon sigh as the body slumps to the floor unconsious.

"So difficult" Renon tutts shaking his head.

"That's why you locked me in here remember?" I shout. Almost everyone is looking down into the living area but are staying safely behind the metal railing.

"I'll just have to tell Ian you don't want to see him then" I flinch and I watch him smile.

"Ian's dead and only the body remains. You made sure of that" I hiss.

"Well then I'll be going" he says turning on his heels and wlaking out. The guards follow in a round sphere.

"Talk about kung fu master" Rephy shouts and I can't help but feel slightly embarassed. Then I see Nero and he looks at me in pain.

Oh, mushrooms. I just revealed a past crush and I think he knows. But why does he care.....?

Oh shoot he likes me now I've might have lost my present cursh. Please oh no.

The End

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