Meita: Renon

I walk slowly to my room head down. Nero had been comforting but then Night came..... I keel over in pain.

The girl's gone bit too far

It's said she's a bit famous Sir, people might notice she's missing.

Quite Right, how is Meita?

Her powers are getting stronger.

Hmmm, get her for me.

I gasp and look up. No they can't make me. I run and thwack into someone, they catch my wrists and I look up at Nero. He stares shocked.

"Uhh" I mutter. He's so close that I can feel his breath on my face.

"Are you okay?" he mutters. I step back and look away embarssed and see he does to.

"I'm fine.... it's just..." My voice trails off. 'Call Meita' what do they need me for all I can do it's manipulate air.

The door opens and everyone turns their head to watch a man walk in. It's hard to see him but I know what he looks like.

Black hair, brown eyes. I hear the girls sigh slightly even though their probably not aware of it themselves.

"Renon" I hiss. He turns and looks up at me and I notice guards step out behind him.

I curse and vault the railing landing perfectly on my feet.

"What do you want?" I hiss walking up to him but I bounce of the shield.

He smiles. "He's like us"

"Doesn't seem to nice"

"Why he got bodyguards?"

"Shut up" Renon shouts. "We only came for Meita"

I jump up and get into a fighting stance. "Come and get me" I hiss.

The End

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