Violet: Whoops.

There really is nothing to do in this damn.. House? Building? Prison? I question myself. Why me? Why not some other kid that wanted super powers?! I get angry, and this isn't good. Because of my idiotic power, my emotions are always a little - okay, a LOT more powerful than others. I kick the wall, tug my own hair, and scream internally. No, no NO. I cry in my head. I force myself to sit on this cold, hard wooden floor and center myself. I fold my legs up ontop of eachother and sigh. I hum a wierd, random but somehow familiar tune to myself and I am instantly feeling better. I have to do this often. I feel like talking to somebody. I effortlessly and gracefully lift myself from the floor, ready to burst in to somebodies room. Something like an alarm clock is going crazy inside my head. I could swear I hear a girl groan in pain, as if in response to this loud signal in my head. Ah. One of them reads minds. I stop myself, and concentrate.


Oh. Just a simple reminder. I knock on the door.

"What?" A voice mutters sleepily from inside the room. I instantly regret it, just as I had before.

"Erm.. It's me.. Violet. I-I" I stutter. What the hell?! I had been fine when I was sure some big, scary men were coming to kidnap me and torture me, but when I spoke to somebody - Oo. That's just a different story. "I wanted to see if you was okay." I realise 'Meita' printed across the door, and she is definitely a gossip topic. I know all about her, even though I have met her just once.

"Go away."


"GO AWAY!!" She screams. I run down the coridoor and into the kitchen. Whoops.

The End

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