Jade: Uh!!!!!!

Later, I came out of my room, and went down to the living room. It seemed that Meita, at the moment, was telling Brandon not to smoke. I walked in.

"Brandon, have I told you that there's about fifty rooms in here. Personally, I don't think smoking is a good thing, but you can spend your day either arguing, or you can go somewhere else so you don't give anyone else a headache." I said, but the mean edge melted away when I looked at him.

For a moment, I stopped time and grabbed the cigarette pack, hid them underneath the couch, and restarted time. "Jade" he said. "Give them back."

I smiled. "If you promise not to disturb anyone by being here. Be elsewhere." Grumbling, he agreed. I took the cigarettes out of the couch and handed them to him.

"Thanks," he said, looking at me. I looked at Meita instead, hoping neither of them saw me blush. It wasn't said really sincerly, but probably more so than I believed him capable of. He was a dumb, normal kid, though, what should I do? Yes, I think he's cute and all, but he wasn't a nerd like me. We wouldn't share the same interests, would we?

Brandon went to the kitchen, and I followed. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Grabbing a muffin." I said, opening the fridge so he wouldn't see me blush, again. I just hoped he didn't see the tips of me ears turn cherry red.

The End

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