Aysh: What now?

Why can't something crazy happen to someone else? Why am I a magnet for impossibley insane things? Why can't my life be normal for once?

I am just about to go to work, when I hear it. A knock on my fancy door. Probably just a reporter. Why can't they just leave me alone? For two years They have wanted to know how I did it. Well, I guess it wasn't as impossible as they thought. A fourteen year old girl can live by herself. It is not like I ever had a choice. Foster care, or go back home.

When you can have anything you want, the choice is clear.I simply told them to leave me alone, and walked out the doors.

Now, I have a cottage on the beach on the Atlantic ocean. Ain't America grand? Anyway, I hear a knock, and am just about to manifest a Rottwieller or two, when I hear the door open. While silently cursing them out in my head, I huredly toss on my favorite jeans, some polka dotted knee socks, and a Girl Scout T-shirt. Then, I manifest a Stun Gun.

I doesn't work the way I planned...

The End

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