Violet: Hey! Wait up!

By this point, I am in my room. I'd heard there was a new boy - gulp - here. I walk calmly out the door, trying to find him to introduce myself. Then I see a guy just turning the corner for the stairs.

"Hey," I shout, "Wait up!" He looks at me with a puzzled expression, shrugs, and continues to walk. I sprint towards him and catch his wrist just as his foot hits the first step. I pull him back up.

"Hi. I'm Violet - I control and feel your emotions. And you are....?" I could have sworn that when I said my power he got the slightest bit embarressed.

"Oh, Yo! I'm Brandon, my power is controlling fire. Wicked, init?!" With that, he lifts a cigarrette from his pocket and goes to light it.

"No!" I pull the cigarrette from his mouth and point to the large sign on the wall.


"Anyway, you never know whose powers you could be messing with by doing that. Maybe Meita or Rephy"  - I smiled as I remembered their names - "because they control air and gravity. You don't want that smoke interfering.." His mouth lifted up at the corners. "I'll shut up now, shall I? Come on. Lets get something to eat. I'm starving. Although, I must warn you, muffins are the only thing in the fridge here." He laughed, and we ran down the stairs.


The End

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